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New Year, New strategies, and new revenue generation stream—sounds exciting?

It is that time of the year, when you, as a businessman, are keen on adding value to your business through value addition. Businessmen are more likely to exploit the opportunity to increase their exposure by looking for digital marketing trends for 2020. And, why not?

It is crucial to stay abreast with the latest digital marketing trends that will influence how your consumers resonate with your brand. There are numerous companies claiming to be the best digital marketing agencies, who are eyeing on your business to make a business out of it. But it is vital for you to understand these trends, even if you decide to outsource digital marketing services.

The Internet is full of maddening volume of blogs pointing at the digital marketing trends for 2020 that could be the game changer. But most of them follow the ones that have already been done and dusted in 2018 and 2019. So, we have got for you some lesser-known yet exciting digital marketing trends for 2020 that you can implement.

Digital Marketing Trends To Help Your Business Reach New Height In 2020

We have analysed some of the key outcome-based digital marketing strategies that can boost your traffic and increase opportunities to generate lead. We have segregated these trends on the basis of SEO trends, content writing trends, and social media trends for 2020.

What are the latest SEO Trends for 2020?

If you wish be on the top of the search engine result, below are the effective SEO trends:

• Snippet to Drive More Clicks:

Take a look at your products and services, now at the most common queries regarding your products. Strive to address the FAQs in a crisp and concise manner for your consumers to help get better conversion prospects.

• Website and Web App Optimisation to Target Traffic through Voice Search:

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are new faces—rather voices—of the Internet. Consumers seek convenience to search for their preferred products, and voice searches are going to be prominently used in 2020. So, it is important for you to optimise your website for voice searches for winning at the SEO game.

• Video to Emerge as a Key Source of Information:

Your consumers are leading a fast-paced lifestyle, and they are looking at consuming bite-sized and easily available information. So, video content will grow in prominence and access to information within 4-5 minutes will boost your engagement rate.

• Digital Experience and Easy Navigation to Remain Important:

Since the time websites began gaining momentum, focus has always been on offering a seamless digital experience to consumers. However, easy navigation and tracking their needs will become crucial for businessmen. Chatbots will play a pivotal role in taking consumers to the information they ask for.

• Less Focus on Keywords, More Focus on Quality:

Businesses will need to take a qualitative approach to provide information to their consumers. Number of keywords matters, but you can get the most out of your search engine results by using only optimum keywords. Information that helps consumers get their desired outcomes will gain its desired traffic, and lead generation would be relatively easy.

What are the Latest Content Marketing Trends for 2020?

As they say, content is and will continue to remain the whole and sole of your business’ digital marketing efforts. Below are some of the effective content marketing strategies to implement in 2020 to get better at conversion:

• Size of Content Matters:

We have had an opportunity to work with numerous brands and most of them were concerned about the length of the content. It is a popular belief that longer content can bore a reader to the core. Also, digital marketers believe that shorter content leads to a high conversion chance. But blog posts and articles of 2000+ words have better ranking on search engines as these serve as complete guides

• Crisp is the New Brief:

The length of the content matters. But more than length what you choose to address in those 2000 words remains a determiner to successful content marketing. Going crisp is the new trend. This means to be descriptive and informative enough to turn your content into a comprehensive guide. You can influence the buying choices of your consumers if they find all the information in one place.

• User-generated Content to Lead to Better Business Success:

Content that starts a conversation and strikes discussion are likely to perform well for your website traffic. You can leverage the prowess of social media for this. Post a content piece and ask your trusted digital marketing agency to creatively combine it with a conversation starter to engage consumers. Redirect this traffic to your blog and your website.

• Messaging Apps to Increase Consumption of Content:

Instant is no longer a new word in the digital marketing space, it is a need. Messaging apps have become synonymous to instant response, and people are sharing content more than they ever did. The trend of sharing engaging content will continue to prevail in 2020. So, businessmen should hire a content writer who can work on the content that suits a messaging app. We recommend using smiley, emoticons, and GIFs to make the content engaging for your audience.

• Stories Over Anything:

No matter who you are dealing with—a businessmen or a consumer—2020 is going to be the year of stories. In 2019, trend of using Instagram and YouTube stories began making inroads to form an effective digital marketing strategy. But the success of a story-based content depends on having a before, now, and after of anything. If not, there are high chances that the content will lose its voice in the maddening noise of social media.

What are the latest Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020?

The term, digital presence of a business, is an umbrella term. It is a combination of presence through a website and also through social media. The social media platforms can be a cash cow for your business if you develop proper strategies. Below are some of the key trends that will influence digital marketing ecosystem in 2020:

• Short Videos to Create Big Traffic-driving Levers:

Your potential customers have no time for your long videos. Keep it short and direct. Do not beat around the bush. Come to the point, make it engaging and interesting for your consumers to spend some time on your social media page. This will also increase your chances to get shares, likes, and comments on your brand’s social media account.

• Cut through Via Brand Story:

As mentioned earlier, stories can do wonders to your business. Leverage your brand story to strike a bond with your potential customers. Do not push them into the sales funnel. Keep them engaged for long enough for them to organically move to your landing page.

• Laugh it Out with Memes:

No matter how tempted you are to share an opinion on the political issues, stay away from the mess. Instead use creative and smart memes to work around the trending hashtags and memes. Ask your consumers to tag their friends on your memes and increase your CTR

• Leverage ‘On this day’ Feature:

It is found that people are likely active on social media platforms on important days. You can hire a good copywriter to blend your business with the occasion and put it forth for your potential customers. A secret recipe to achieve success using digital marketing trends for 2020 is to be creative with social media handle and be simple on your website.

• Integrate CTA Button on Social Media Profile:

Social media is no longer only used to connect with your friends. It is turning into a crucial business tool. In 2020, sales through social media will increase; thanks to the prowess of user-generated data. These platforms help you analyse preferences of your customers. This can offer you an edge to your sales plan. In addition to this, you can incorporate a CTA button to redirect traffic to your website or the landing page.

A Word of Caution

Now you know 15 digital marketing trends for 2020 that will help make a business shift to a higher position. Use these trends to develop an effective plan of action and track its success rate. Of course, you won’t start getting desired traffic from day one.

Stay motivated.

You need to be consistent with your strategies and then you will see spikes in your google analytics.

Besides these strategies, it is equally important for you to create report on a daily basis. This will help you keep tabs on the success of a strategy. Also, do not begin experimenting with two or more digital marketing strategies simultaneously. Give one strategy sometime and then shift to the other one.

Meanwhile, your focus on business expansion should not deviate. Provide attention to your business and you can outsource a digital marketing agency to handle your reach, traffic, and lead.

Happy New Year to your business, my dear friend


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